Fund a Cure

For over forty years, JDRF has funded nearly every major scientific breakthrough in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  As the global leader in T1D research, JDRF is supporting research excellence that has dramatically advanced the treatment and management of this disease, and is paving the way towards remarkable progress.

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None of this would have been achieved without the support of our generous donors, who endorse JDRF’s commitment to funding research that will improve the health and quality of life of over 300,000 Canadians living with T1D.

Today, major scientific discoveries are taking place in JDRF laboratories all over the world, including in our own back yard. This year, we awarded a grant to Dr. Rabasa-Lhoret, an endocrinologist at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal, whose team is currently testing two configurations of artificial pancreas. While the artificial pancreas has already been launched in the United States, Dr. Rabasa-Lhoret’s research team is going one step further as one of the first in the world to develop a dual hormone system.  This system could, in the future, provide a more feasible treatment option for patients who struggle with single hormone artificial pancreas and would significantly reduce the 24/7 burden of managing the disease.  

We invite you to join us as we turn research into reality at this year’s Crystal Ball Gala! During the evening, you will have the opportunity to donate directly to diabetes research through our Fund a Cure campaign. Our host and auctioneer will explain the details, so come ready to support incredible research projects like Dr. Rabasa-Lhoret’s.

We must continue to support the research that will lead to a cure.

To donate to our Fund a Cure campaign before the gala, please contact Ivy Law at or 647-789-2037, or make your donation online. Fund a Cure gifts are 100% tax receiptable.